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I can’t use the busy excuse.  Can’t blame writers block.  I’ve just wanted some privacy.

The other day I was driving home to AZ from CA and my brain was flooded with thoughts and ideas of things to write about.  But by the time I made it home, I was over it.

I’m uninspired with life.  Some would probably call it depression.  I feel obligated to keep living this life that I don’t want to live anymore.  If it were just me, I’d have probably checked out a while ago.

But I created 5 people.  And I owe it to them to stick around in case they need me at some point.  I doubt they will.  The majority will likely not have much of a relationship with me at all.  Still, the least I can do is not be a dick and kill myself.

I don’t want to hear any self-help, positive thinking kind of bullshit.  I’ve been in this body and on this planet long enough to know how things go.

So I’ll be around.  Keeping to myself.  Working a lot of overtime.  Going through the motions.  Probably not writing enough lol.  I’ve found some peace in accepting that this is just how my life is going to be.

That’s enough “fun” for tonight.  Off to bed I go.  Gotta be awake in a few hours to catch a plane.

I sincerely hope that everyone is well.




So a little follow up story to mister “send me a picture of your feet”.

Out of nowhere, he sends me an email with a picture of his dick (of course).  There was a message included about not letting me get away that easily.  I told him that it was crass, and that I’m not interested.

That’s when I received back an email full of insults.  Everything from being ugly to a catfish to saying that I’m going to die alone.

The worst part is, that it’s not even surprising.  Happens all the time.

So I’ve had plenty of time to think about it, and no, I don’t think porn made me jaded.  I don’t think that requesting a picture of someone’s feet right off the bat is an awkward way of flirting or whatever.  Nobody who legitimately wants to get to know me, would be requesting any such thing.

Instead of the predictable “more pics!” requests, why don’t men ever want to know what I like to read?  How I like to spend my free time?  Favorite color.  Something.

No means no.

It doesn’t mean push harder, or badger, or attempt to argue your way into getting what you want out of a girl.  And it’s pathetic that the standard is to then turn around and verbally assault a lady because she had the audacity to tell you no.

Yes, I would rather be alone than be treated like crud by one of these bossy morons.

I guess that could mean that I’m jaded.  I prefer to think of it as just having some self-respect.




Maybe I’m just mean


Story of my life.  Had been texting a bit with someone new for about a day.  He’s decent looking.  Seems nice.  Easy enough to talk to.

We’re a whopping 30 messages in overall when it starts.

“Send me a picture of your feet”.

I made it clear that I wasn’t going to do that.  He told me that it was a simple request and that we should start learning to please each other now.  I blocked him.


Where are the boundaries?!?  I talk to a LOT of guys.  And usually it ends after about 10 messages because at that point they are already starting to make demands.

“Send me more pics”, “let’s facetime”, “drop everything and meet me at a bar right now”. Or God forbid I go and pee without my phone.  I always come back to the “did I scare you off?” I swear nothing turns me off faster than that last one.

What ever happened to conversations?  Getting to know somebody?  Taking a minute to pursue them if you’re sincerely interested?

Am I expecting too much?  Am I just a bitch?  Did all the negative porn experiences make me too sensitive?

I have no idea.  And frankly, I’m not sure I care.

I’m at the point where I would rather die alone then put up with any of these weenies on a regular basis anyways.

My Granny has been single by choice for over 30 years now.  I used to think it was odd.

Now…I think it’s brilliant.


The future

I have nothing to say right now.  Not even daily prompts are inspiring me much.  I’ve always gone with the “if I have nothing to say, then don’t say anything” approach in life.  Generally that serves me well.  But I realize that it makes me a horrible blogger.

I suppose I just don’t feel like living in the past right now.  The present is difficult enough, and I really want to focus on the future.

I am slowly but surely writing a book about an escort.  Tales from some of her more interesting clients, etc.

Anyways.  I hope that everyone has a great holiday weekend.

I have to


I saw this prompt this morning and thought that I would go to town with writing.  Now it’s the end of a long, exhausting day…and all I have going on is some insomnia and a case of writers block.

I miss my children.  I’ve cried so hard that I thought I would break.  I’ve wanted to die so badly that it hurt.

But (unfortunately for me), I have to keep going.

Otherwise they’ll have no other options than to believe the lies that they’ve been told about me.

If I kill myself, I become the “crazy” that they grow up being told that I am.

So here I am.  Living.  Pursuing.  Succeeding.  Kicking life right in the ass.

Folks could say a lot of things about me.  But I’m not crazy, and I’m not a failure.

So every day I endure.  Because I have to.

Not for me.  For them.




Single Mom Life


I don’t get those “I love being a single mom because it’s twice the love” and whatever women.  Maybe I’m just envious of them.

I think being a single mom sucks.  There, I said it.  And I don’t really care what feminist, mom, or progressive hates me over it.  Of course I love my child (because someone always has to go there).  But these circumstances are not how I’d ever wish to raise a kid.

We are so alone.  I joke on Facebook about a family adopting us for holidays.  But it’s not a joke.  Holidays are incredibly lonely and boring for us since we have no one to celebrate with.

He’s constantly in daycare or with the nanny.  Over 60 hours a week.  The mom guilt over that is all-consuming.  I know kids all over the world have it worse.  And I should chill.  But this is my baby and I’m not going to just chill.  He deserves better.

I’m constantly sick, stressed, and frazzled.  I just want to run away, but there’s no where to go.  I want to just be sad in bed alone for a while.  But I can’t ever truly relax because he’s always in the back of my mind somewhere.  I want to not live in fear of catching germs, because there’s no greater hell than trying to take care of a hyperactive toddler boy when all you want to do is puke.

I have the basics down (food, clothing, shelter).  But the enjoyment part is missing.

If there’s a secret to this, will someone please let me in on it?




You can’t force anyone to care about you.  Certainly can’t make anyone love you.  This is obvious advice that can be found on memes all over social media.  But man, is it hard to swallow sometimes.

A large part of my wearisome personality is due to spending so much time loving folks (one in particular), who will never return the feelings.

“Get over it”.

I know!  I’ve tried everything from therapy, to waiting it out, to magic spells to try and rid myself of these feelings.

Who am I to feel picky?  I’ll be lucky if I don’t die alone regardless.

The heart wants what the heart wants I suppose.  Though my brain knows that I’ve chased off good people, and wasted years of time over this madness.

Just some more regret to add into the already heaping pile.



There is nothing

“We want to know how it felt to do porn.  More details!”

I can’t offer up more details since there isn’t more to say.  I was numb to all of it.  I still am.

I wasn’t raised religious. I wasn’t taught that sex is sacred.  My own mom was a whore.

At about the age of 8 my dad told me that he expected I’d get knocked up instead of going to college.  At 18 my mom sat me down and told me that if I was going to be a whore, I should be a high class whore, and not a low class one (I don’t believe that my other siblings were given that same riveting talk).  So hopes for me were never very high to begin with.

Porn felt like having some lame sex.  That’s about it.  Nothing deeper.  No crazy or conflicted emotions involved.

Looking back on it stirs up a few feelings of “blah” and “ugh”.  I’m not full of regret, but I’m probably working my way towards that.

I’d say more, except there isn’t more to say.

The verge of disaster


That’s where I am alright.  On the edge of a disastrous situation.  For over a decade I lived through porn, poverty, and chaos.

Today if you first met me, you’d never know it.

I have a cushy corporate job, live in a nice place, and drive a nice car.

That’s what matters right?  I’m comfortable.  I should be happy.

So why am I going stir crazy?  Why am I sabotaging everything with this stupid blog?  The day H.R. puts two and two together, my ass is out of there.

I’m a little bit older, and a lot less impulsive than in my younger years.  So I’m playing it cool for a minute.  However, I don’t see me lasting much longer in cubicle land.

Deep in my guts I know that I need to shake things up dramatically.  This path that I’m walking down, it doesn’t belong to me.

My path will likely not be the most beautiful.  It’s surely not going to be the simplest one.  It’s meant to be mine though.  And I look forward to feeling more at peace when I finally reach it.


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