Television had me convinced that if my children ever came out as gay, I was guaranteed to have some certain feelings about it.  Even if I was supportive, I was supposed to be a bit upset and worried about their future.  Maybe a bit mournful over how things could have been.  No matter what, there was supposed to be some drama involved.   

Well shockingly enough, television was wrong.  Didn’t really feel a darn thing.  I’m happy that they’re figuring themselves out, and that they’re comfortable enough with themselves not to hide in the closet. 

There was not an iota of grief, regret, anger, fear…nothing.

Therefore my bout with Christianity seems to be over for now.  I can’t sit in a building full of people who hate (or even just feel the need to “pray for” my kids), just because of who they’re attracted to.

I know that there are “tolerant” and “open-minded” churches out there.  But the religion as a whole has made their opinions on the matter clear.  And I just can’t participate in any of that.  I’m still cool with Jesus, and I’ll continue to donateand serve others like I believe he’d want me to.

The world is difficult enough without having to hide who you are or pretend to be something that you’re not.  I’m not the loud and proud, PFLAG attending, type of person.  But I do love these kids more than anything, and they fill my heart with pride every day.