Yesterday I hit the 3rd trimester.  This has been the fastest pregnancy ever.  I keep begging the universe for more time.  An elephants gestation period or something.  But the universe just seems to be laughing at my requests.

I’ve been rather sick and on temporary disability from work.  Feeling like a big ol loser at the moment.  But I know a lot of that is hormones, and that this too shall pass.

I haven’t done any modeling, etc. due to being ill.  But I will be taking some maternity pictures soon.  I have zero interest in little chalkboards or making a heart with my hands in front of my belly.  No desire to hold tiny sneakers next to my bump or use alphabet blocks that spell out his name.  And I’m definitely not feeling those awkward pics where the expecting couple embraces each other while topless and making googly eyes at her belly.

I’m really wanting to do some post-apocalyptic boudoir/maternity type of pictures.  Though folks give me a weird side-eye when I tell them that lol.

So because people are nosy and have been asking.  Yes, I am pregnant (again).  This will be baby number 6.  Yep, another (adorable) biracial baby.  And no, I haven’t done any scenes or anything else like that.