If my teenage daughter and I see a spider in the living room at night, we’re going to panic.

When we realize it’s the size of a tennis ball, we’ll get the shop vac to suck it up.

After we’ve sucked it up, we’ll squeal and chuck the shop vac out onto the porch (if it gets stolen, it gets stolen).

Then we’ll realize that we need supplies, so we’ll go to the 24 hour Walmart to purchase natural bug sprays (and maybe some snacks).

Once we make it home, it’ll be time to wash every blanket and piece of bedding that we can find.

While the bedding is in the washer, we’ll tear apart the couches and beds to check for more bugs.

By then, it will be time to blast everything with the natural bug sprays.

After the place has been doused with essential oils, we’ll realize that we’re suffocating a bit.

So we’ll open up all of the windows, and go outside for some fresh air.

We might eat some snacks.

Afterward, we’ll put the place back together.  Then we’ll realize that it’s very late, and we are exhausted.

So we’ll get into our beds, and play on our devices all night long.

Because once we’ve seen a spider in the living room, there is no way that we are going to sleep that night.

The End.