I’m just giving a middle finger to the world for now and doing me.  I’ve provided so much of myself freely.  My body, my thoughts, my name, my privacy, my life has all been out there for public consumption.  I gave so much and received nothing more than a few dollars and some (mostly unwanted) attention in return.

And it’s never enough.

I am still bombarded with emails and private messages from complete strangers.  People who demand answers about where I am and what I’ve been doing with myself.  Men begging me to get back into porn.  Spamming my social media pages with vulgar pictures of myself.  Telling me how much they “love” me as they’re making my life hell.  Not to mention the sickening amount of focus that many dudes seem to have on my daughters.

I take responsibility for making this bed.  But seriously, fuck ya’ll.

But since folks want to be nosy.  I’ve been hanging out with my kids, working, and in my free time, I’m trying to learn coding and other computer related skills.