I assure you that my life isn’t wearing sweatpants, and crying about my past into a pint of ice cream.

Some of the emails and messages that I receive let me know that’s the picture that some folks seem to have of me.

It’s been a good year in the sense that I’ve received a lot of clarity.

I know what the universe is expecting me to do.  First time in my life that God has ever given me any obvious direction, and I’m very grateful.  Even if I’m unsure (or don’t agree) about it all.

I will buy a house.  I will become a foster home for teenagers.  I will continue to grow in my career (my job gets the credit for me being fortunate enough to be able to obtain these goals).  I’ll strive to be a satisfactory mother every day.  I will find a new church home, sooner rather than later.  I’ll give back by donating both time and money.

And I’ll be doing all of this on my own.  I’m not meant to be in a relationship for quite some time.  Maybe not ever again.

“Best laid plans”

Things happen.  Stuff changes.  I don’t like to put this kind of stuff out there because one never knows.

But, this is what’s been going on behind the scenes when I’m not writing.


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