I’ve attended the same church for about a year and a half now.  Show up almost weekly, donate money, volunteer for special events.  I’m always hearing about how desperately they need assistance in the children’s ministry.  So I submitted the application (size of a darn phone book).  Provided them with my excellent references (that they both called and emailed to verify).  As well as providing consent to the complete background screening (I don’t have any sort of criminal history).  The director was so excited that I had applied and told me she’d get back with me asap after everything finished processing.

It’s been over three months and I never heard from her again.

I’ve been rejected.

There’s only one thing left that would have caused them to dismiss me.

A Google search.

The content that appears when you look me up on Google has caused me to lose:

  • countless potential jobs
  • possible relationships
  • budding friendships
  • I’ve been kicked out of “mommy and me” type of groups
  • and now apparently it’s cost me the ability to work in the nursery at church

I’m not any kind of anti-porn crusader.  I have no desire to try and make any changes regarding the porn industry.

But there are costs associated with it that my 18-year-old self couldn’t have wrapped my mind around.  Ramifications that I would have never considered.

And is it really worth it just so a bunch of dudes can frequently hunt me down and message me just to tell me that I’m “hot”?



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