That’s where I am alright.  On the edge of a disastrous situation.  For over a decade I lived through porn, poverty, and chaos.

Today if you first met me, you’d never know it.

I have a cushy corporate job, live in a nice place, and drive a nice car.

That’s what matters right?  I’m comfortable.  I should be happy.

So why am I going stir crazy?  Why am I sabotaging everything with this stupid blog?  The day H.R. puts two and two together, my ass is out of there.

I’m a little bit older, and a lot less impulsive than in my younger years.  So I’m playing it cool for a minute.  However, I don’t see me lasting much longer in cubicle land.

Deep in my guts, I know that I need to shake things up dramatically.  This path that I’m walking down, it doesn’t belong to me.

My path will likely not be the most beautiful.  It’s surely not going to be the simplest one.  It’s meant to be mine though.  And I look forward to feeling more at peace when I finally reach it.