I don’t say much about the people that are raising my kids.  Regardless of the truth, or my feelings…I want my kids to love and respect their parents.

I will say that one family, in particular, hates to send me photos.  They are so petty about it, that I actually had to get a court order just to receive photos.  And I’ve had to have my lawyer threaten them with more court in the past because they STILL weren’t sharing photos.

And they’re not private people.  They post public photographs of the kids all over social media (of course I’m blocked).  They just don’t want me to have any of them.  You know, the person who gave those kids life and all.

So now when they do reluctantly send photos.  The kids are always looking the other way.  Or they have food all over their faces.  Or something is blocking their faces. Etc.  If those kids have ever taken a nice picture, I would never know it.

So today is Mothers Day.  And guess what I receive?  Not a nice photo of my kids.  Nope.  A group selfie of the mom with all of her kids (biological and adopted).

My gift was some salt for that wound.

So in case she ever reads this.  Yes, you won.  My kids are yours.  You have their entire childhoods to yourself.  And I’m lucky if I even receive a picture.  All of your money + a corrupt system + my lack of sense/ self-esteem = you the winner.

For now anyways.  None of us can know how the kids will feel when they’re older.

Happy Mothers Day.