• I’m not sleeping in my car or on the streets.  No more walking aimlessly for miles and miles a night just to stay warm (and safe).
  • No more constant searches just to find a restroom.
  • No more having to always carry around my heavy ass backpack full of everything that I own.
  • No more hunts for water that doesn’t make me feel sick to drink.
  • No more baby wipes “showers”
  • There are no bugs in my home.
  • Access to plenty of food that didn’t have to be stolen, or come from a food pantry.
  • I have the essentials I need to live a comfortable life (there was a time I didn’t even have so much as my own towel).
  • Medical and dental insurance (feeling for everyone who has to go without).
  • Beautiful children.
  • A stable career that allows me the ability to give back every week.

Life is good.