I believe I am about done with my blogging journey.

The majority of the comments I receive are pornographic (I’m not too stupid to realize why that is, but I am bored of it).

I’m pretty sure I’m breaking a company policy by even having this blog.

And people are annoying.  If I say something such as “white men get on my nerves”, then that is my opinion based on my experiences.  I don’t speak for anyone else, nor do I pretend that my opinion means anything in the grand scheme of things.  So for folks to get so uptight and reply with stuff like “but I’m white and I’m cool!” is annoying.

I’m realizing that I don’t even want comments.  I guess what I wanted is more of a diary?

I don’t know.  What I do know is that I’m probably done and will just privately write until someday when I have enough content to just publish a book.