“I have a (maybe silly) question: how is to have fans? Somebody recognized you in the street and tried to talk or something like that? Maybe you are not a celebrity (I don’t know, maybe yes!) but a lot of people know you, how is that?”


Nobody has even spotted me on the street and been like “hey! it’s that chick from porn!”

I honestly think that I change my appearance too frequently for that too ever have happened.  Not to mention, I was never all that popular anyways.

I have had countless instances of “you look so familiar and I just can’t place it”.  That one always cracks me up a little bit.

Having fans can actually be really horrible.  I have internet stalkers.  They still to this day bombard my social media inboxes.  They find my real email address and write me books of nonsense to read.  They get aggressive and creepy when I don’t reply.  I have some that like to post pornographic pictures of me right on to my personal Facebook account (and they’re not my friends, so I’m not even sure how that happens).  But that’s just fucking awesome for my friends and family to see.

I also have many fans that are starting to get much too interested in my daughters.  Which is disgusting and one of the things you don’t think about when you’re 19 and doing pregnant porn back before social media was a thing.

There are many sweet guys that consider themselves fans of mine.  Obviously the above doesn’t apply to them.  And many of them are probably the ones who are here supporting me and my half-ass writing efforts.  It’s unfortunate that the creeps spoil it all for everyone.