2016 wasn’t a very popular year.  Most are glad to see it go.  I’m blessed enough that I can’t really complain much about 2016.  I began a corporate position at a large company.  It’s a great job that I’m lucky to have.  The work itself suits me and my personality.  And the benefits provided by the company have greatly improved my standard of living.

I also went through the hell of a parental kidnapping situation regarding my son.  However, I can’t complain about that too much either.  In the end, the courts sided with me.  The police helped find and return my child to me.  Thankfully I was able to afford the whole ordeal, including all of the interstate court costs and a trip to Northern CA (where I retrieved my son from).  Now we have legal protections in place to prevent that from ever happening again.  So again, I was fortunate.

I didn’t write very much in 2016.  I’d like to say that’ll change in 2017.  But I’m not making any promises that I may not keep.  I went through a bad depression while my son was gone and I was unsure if/when he was coming back.  I’ve been ridiculously busy (and exhausted) from the day to day realities of being a single, working mom to a special needs toddler.  There was also some frustration from some of the comments that I’ve received on here.

At my leisure, I will vent/share/explain/tell a lot about my life.  That does include things related to my previous entertainment careers.  What I am *NOT* going to be providing, is graphic wack off material for my fans that lurk here.  There are a billion places online to go and get yourself off at.  This blog isn’t one of them.

So on that note, I’m glad that we all survived 2016.  Let’s make 2017 an even better year (which can’t be too hard considering).