The alligator and the toddler who drowned.  A horrifying and sad story.  Yet what do I keep hearing people say: “well there is just no excuse for that kind of horrible parenting”.  “I always watched my kids properly”.  “What kind of parent doesn’t watch their kids?!”

Not once in my eavesdropping, have I heard someone just express some sympathy for a horrible situation.  Us humans (or at least us Americans), are always looking for a damn witch hunt.

It disgusts me and makes me want to live alone in a cave somewhere.

1 – None of us were there.

2 – I’ve heard varying accounts on what exactly happened

3 – It’s really none of our business anyways

4 – Nobody can anticipate their child to getting dragged away by a fucking alligator at Disney!!!

5 – A family just lost their baby boy!  Can’t we knock of the judging and just send some love and support?!