Just a little update on me.  I am not what anyone would call healthy right now.  I’ll spare you too many details about my long list of health problems.  But everything has been acting up or getting worse over these last few weeks.  I fall asleep too late, wake up too early, and randomly fall asleep throughout the day.  I have to pop Zofran and immodium pills just to get through a shift at work.  I’m usually too tired or sick lately to do anything constructive.  I’m gaining weight from not working out as much.  I’m even too tired to text, and I’ve managed to piss off a lot of people recently. This exhaustion is killing the over-productive Capricorn that I am used to being.

One of my daughters is also visiting for a while.  So I’ve been busy spoiling her rotten.  I’m currently looking for a second job, working on my usual self-employed jobs, and I’ve started volunteering at a local homeless shelter.

Are any of you artists or writers?  I know I am not the busiest person out there.  But finding good quality time to write…is proving more difficult that I originally thought.  And I would love to know what works for you.