This is a reply to one of the responses from my “What interests you” post.  Everybody knows (or is about to know), that I’ve been involved with the porn industry since 2002.  If you do the math, that’s a long freaking time.  Especially when I’ve heard the statistic that the average career in movies, is 6 months. :/

I’ll get more into all of the details at another time.  But let me sum up by saying that my porn “career”, was very badly planned out.  I never had a good agent, or mentor, in the beginning, to help me do things right.  And I was never worried about it since I didn’t intend for it to be a career (let alone go on for 14+ years).

Pregnant porn, and more specifically interracial pregnant porn is probably what I’m best known for.  It wasn’t really a mainstream thing in adult films back when I started doing it.  If I recall, it was on the list of “obscene” things that we weren’t technically supposed to be filming in adult films.

I had done a handful of scenes before my first pregnancy happened.  Then I moved to Arizona with my husband, not really worried about porn (I was stripping at the time).  I turned up pregnant, and quit working for a while due to morning sickness.  After that passed, I was bored.  Too sick to work a 9-5, but healthy enough to be going crazy at home.  So I headed to CA to stay with my parents so I could shoot some scenes.

I took some pictures of my pregnant self and emailed them to every porn agent I could find.  Most were not interested in having a pregnant client.  But I found a couple who were.  And he was pretty quickly able to book me some scenes.

All this backstory to say that I actually don’t remember my “first pregnant scene”.  I liked pregnant work because folks were a little bit nicer to me (touch of VIP treatment on set lol).  I did really well with pregnant scenes, and I knew it.  And finding my niche was a nice thing for me, as controversial as it may be.  But my first pregnant scene was probably no different than my first anything else in the adult entertainment world.  I didn’t feel anything.  The only thing I ever remember feeling was surprised that I wasn’t feeling more.  So I wish I had a better story for you.  But apparently, my first pregnant scene just wasn’t exciting or interesting enough to etch itself into my memory.

(I know you asked more about work during my first pregnancy.  Not the first scene itself.  But I had to start somewhere.)  🙂